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The CCF's 2015 Law and Freedom Conference

Please join us for some lively debate and discussion about the most important issues in Canadian constitutional law today — and how they impact human freedom. Early-bird and student tickets are still available

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Canadian Supreme Court condones abuse of power

"The court has upheld the forfeiture of the Montagues’ property. Their life’s savings are gone. Apparently, there is no leniency for those engaged in peaceful acts of civil disobedience."

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A law that bans ‘mixed race’ couples? Yes. In 2014. In Canada

"...racial purity is a corrosive and debasing focus for any group of human beings to choose to champion and rally around."

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The folly of civil forfeiture

"Would somebody please explain to me again how this law is supposed to fight organized crime and assist crime victims?"

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Fighting a law with a Hollywood movie

"...people realized how easily a government power they supported in principle could be used in practice to enrich a big company at the expense of an individual of limited means."


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The war on pot brownies

Why does the government care which way a patient chooses to take their medical marijuana?

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All aboard the Liberty Bus

Private citizens creating their own solution to transportation woes in Toronto. Will the government stay out of it?

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