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CCF's 2016 Law & Freedom Conference

Registration is now open for our 2016 Law & Freedom conference. Register before November 30 to get our Early-Bird price.

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The Bureaucrat's Guide to Healthy Eating

If we want people to eat healthier, treating them as rational grown-ups is probably going to be far more effective than elaborate zoning plans to engineer equal kale distribution.

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When the cops break the law

CCF Litigation Director Karen Selick writes about how police sometimes break the law while purporting to uphold it.

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Universities lose the thread on reasoned discourse

You should not oppose bad ideas by enforcing some sort of restriction on them even being heard.

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Albertans are entitled to beer without borders

Alberta's new protectionist tax scheme is an affront to our constitution—just like the New Brunswick law we challenged in court this past summer.

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Requiring alcoholics to be dry months before a liver transplant is a serious bureaucratic overreach

"I shudder at the potential logical outcomes of rationing health care based on how much some politician or bureaucrat feels a patient deserves to live."

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The sunny side of liberty

In the often challenging world of litigation and freedom fighting, it is essential to remain positive.

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