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How a case on a Quebec booze run could improve commerce and liberty

"...it’s a story about provincial governments generating revenue for themselves, and using their legal powers to guard that revenue from competition from other provinces."


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Calgary’s protected limo racket is a ripoff for riders

The taxi and limo industries in Calgary are heavily regulated in favour of the incumbent corporations. The CCF is interested in getting more involved on this topic. It is time we saw a better environment for consumers, drivers and entrepreneurs.


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R. v. Jones, R v. Schmidt

The CCF is working hard to defend Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt from government bullying and gross regulatory oversight.


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Ontario’s civil forfeiture racket

Civil forfeiture is one of the biggest scourges of modern public policy. The law enforcement practice takes private property without a conviction, without a trial and without a criminal charge. It violates our constitutional rights and it has no place in Canada.

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Ottawa is violating our constitutional rights in order to help the U.S. collect taxes

Why is Ottawa complying with a foreign law against the privacy and constitutional concerns of Canadians?

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