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Government has created health care waiting lists

Nov 15 2016

Psychologists call the delusion of attributing your own faults to others, while denying them in yourself, “projection.” Maybe this explains why government lawyers in British Columbia are trying to blame doctors for long health care waiting lists, rather than admitting the obvious: that waiting times are the product of deliberate

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The Reillys (Civil forfeiture abuse in Ontario)

Dec 21 2016

Margaret and Terry Reilly are from Orillia, Ontario. The Reillys own several rental properties, some of which are former single-family homes that they have converted into rooming houses for low-income tenants. Margaret has been involved in alleviating poverty and homelessness since her father became the priest at an inner-city Anglican

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Civil Forfeiture in Canada

Apr 13 2016

Canada’s provincial civil forfeiture laws were originally intended to deter crime and compensate victims. In Canada today, civil forfeiture is not exclusively used to satisfy these objectives. It has instead become a supplement or alternative to the criminal law. This transformation has had a profound impact on many of the

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