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The worst part about Ontario’s new sex-ed program has nothing to do with sex

The new curriculum is emblematic of the increasing role government is playing in all our lives, and the increasing expectation that it can and should protect us from all things.


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SCC’s assisted suicide ruling may be the first of several shakeups for our health-care system

Opponents say a ban on accessing private care is justified because there is a greater societal interest in maintaining the government’s health-care monopoly. This is both morally questionable and legally untrue.

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Bill C-51: Think Inside the Box

To be found guilty, the person who made those statements doesn’t need to have known his words or images would lead to an act of terrorism. It’s enough that he was simply “reckless” about whether what he was saying might cause someone out there to commit a terrorist act.

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Offensive opinions shouldn't be muzzled

"...as Mill put it, freedom of thought for falsehoods helps keep truth alive."

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When cops become robbers

The CCF is leading the fight in Canada to stop civil forfeiture before it gets to the "brazen and unrelenting" levels of abuse seen in the United States. 

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Laws governing private property only enable bad neighbours

"There will always be the occasional bad apple who really does pollute his own property to such a degree that it causes problems for those who live near him. But note that these are not problems like looking out a window and spotting a couple of red-cheeked skating children when a row of red tulips might be lovelier."

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