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The Canadian Constitution Foundation is a national and non-partisan charity. Our mission is to defend the constitutionally protected rights and freedoms of Canadians, and uphold the constitution and its liberty-promoting features, including Canadian federalism.

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Canadian Constitution Foundation intervening in Federal Court “plastics ban” case

TORONTO – The Canadian Constitution Foundation has been granted intervener status in the legal challenge to a federal “plastics ban” being heard on June 25 and 26 at the Federal Court of Appeal. The CCF will argue that the federal “plastics ban” is outside the jurisdiction of Parliament’s criminal law power. In April 2021, the federal Cabinet issued an Order placing “plastic

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In this video Christine explains why the Canadian Constitution Foundation is paying the legal fees of a village councillor in PEI who put up an unpopular

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With the help of a talented network of lawyers, the CCF litigates against unconstitutional and unlawful government action.


By drawing attention to important issues, the CCF defends constitutional freedoms by making sure unconstitutional government action doesn't go unnoticed by the public.


Through projects such as the Runnymede Society and, the CCF provides important resources to lawyers, students and the academy.


Your donation supports our team of talented lawyers fighting to defend our constitutional rights and freedoms, and educational work to ensure respect for our Canadian tradition of freedom and the rule of law

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The CCF is a charity dedicated to defending constitutional rights and freedoms.

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