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Update: CCF case against compelled speech for Ontario lawyers

Feb 06 2019

We have filed our affidavits and expert report in the case against the Law Society of Ontario’s requirement that licensees draft a personal statement demonstrating their personal valuing of inclusivity, diversity, and equality. Now we are waiting for the Law Society to respond with its evidence. In the coming weeks,

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Good news for Charter challenge for patient choice!

Jan 24 2019

The Attorney General of British Columbia’s application for leave to appeal the interim order of a Supreme Court judge in chambers enjoining enforcement of sections 17-8 and 45 of the Medicare Protection Act is dismissed. This means the clinics that have been operating in BC for more than 20 years

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All Canadians should have an equal right to seek healthcare

Dec 20 2018

Quebecers who are facing lengthy waits for medical procedures can opt to go to private clinics. Don’t the rest of Canadians deserve that option? Check out this great article in the National Post by CCF board member and MD, Will Johnston. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Release: CCF takes aim at Alberta’s unconstitutional beer policy

Dec 17 2018

December 17, 2018—Last Friday, the Alberta Court of Appeal granted the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) leave to intervene in the appeal of the Steam Whistle v. AGLC decision, in which two out-of-province beer companies successfully challenged unconstitutional discrimination by Alberta against their products. The CCF is intervening to ensure the court correctly

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Lauren Bird: Nova Scotia decision regarding alcohol could be example to others

Dec 09 2018

Nova Scotia’s decision to remove limits on how much alcohol can be brought into the province for personal consumption could inspire other provinces to do the same, says legal expert Howard Anglin. “Every province that … moves to reduce friction at our internal provincial borders should be applauded for that

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Premiers and Prime Minister meeting this week to discuss interprovincial free trade

Dec 06 2018

The Canadian Constitution Foundation offers its best wishes to the Prime Minister and First Ministers meeting in Montreal this Friday, December 7, for productive talks on breaking down archaic interprovincial trade barriers that are holding the Canadian economy back. We understand that each province has its own regional concerns, but

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About the Canadian Constitution Foundation

The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) is a charity dedicated to defending constitutional rights and freedoms. We do not receive government funding and rely on donations to support litigation keeping governments accountable to our Constitution including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The CCF works to ensure that Canadians have the knowledge to recognize and protect their constitutional rights and historical liberties.

Some of our ongoing cases include defending the Constitution's and defending the rights of patients to have access to healthcare.

We have also published reports on Civil Forfeiture in Canada, and Vaping laws in Canada.

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