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12 Days of Christmas

The Canadian Constitution Foundation is excited to announce the release of a new eBook this holiday season called “The 12 Days of Christmas: Public Order Emergency Commission Edition”. The book is a look at some of the most shocking revelations that were made during the Emergencies Act Inquiry.

The CCF was a party to the Public Order Emergencies Act Inquiry, which was the legally required inquiry into the federal government’s first ever use of the Emergencies Act, which was done in response to the 2022 Freedom Convoy. As a party to the Inquiry, the CCF was able to make arguments and cross examine witnesses, up to and including Prime Minister Trudeau.

There were some truly shocking revelations made during the factual hearings of the Emergencies Act Inquiry, and we want to make sure these revelations are never forgotten. While we wait for the Commission to complete the difficult work of drafting the final report, we wanted to offer Canadians a look back as the twelve most fascinating things we learned during the six weeks of hearings in Ottawa. It was hard for many Canadians to observe the hours and hours of live hearings, so we hope this book will provide a nice summary for those looking to catch up.

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