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Picton Heritage Freedom (on property rights, updated May 12, 2015)

By | on Jun 16 2014

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Dr. Paul Adamthwaite and his wife Betty Ann Anderson.

In the summer of 2013, the town of Picton, Ontario adopted a by-law designating a seven-block area of Main Street a “heritage area”. This means that none of the buildings in the heritage zone can have their exteriors altered without the approval of local bureaucrats. The 142 buildings affected include two modern supermarkets, three gas stations, three fast food chain restaurants and two empty lots.

Affected property owners believe that their property value has been reduced. The municipality can now veto any improvements they wish to make. They believe the bylaw was passed without proper notice to them, and using improper procedures. If they had been given more time to organize some opposition to the by-law, they believe it would not have passed, thus saving their private property from municipal intrusion. The CCF is working with a Picton resident to challenge the by-law and restore property rights back to the individuals who own it. Please consider supporting the CCF if you believe in the property rights!

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