CCF launches Not Reserving Judgment

CCF launches Not Reserving Judgment

TORONTO – The Canadian Constitution Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its irreverent new weekly podcast, Not Reserving Judgment.

In each episode, CCF Counsel Josh Dehaas, CCF Executive Director Joanna Baron, and CCF Litigation Director Christine Van Geyn explore the latest legal news and offer their Bad Legal Takes of the Week.

You can find the first four episodes of Not Reserving Judgment on Apple, Google, Spotify and YouTube.

In Episode 4, the hosts discuss the legality of forcing repeat violent offenders into treatment, explain why a proposal to criminalize residential school “denialism” is a grave threat to free expression, and talk about whether it’s OK for wannabe judges to attend partisan fundraisers.

“Our goal is to tell it like it is,” said Van Geyn. “No one here is planning on running for office. None of us have any illusions about being appointed to the bench, so we plan on giving you the straight goods even if it’s not always politically correct.”

“This is not your typical boring legal podcast,” Dehaas added.

Baron said the name, which was selected by members of the CCF’s “Freedom Insiders” program, has turned out to be a apt choice.

“We certainly don’t hold back,” she added.

The CCF’s current litigation includes intervening in favour of professionals’ freedom of expression rights in the judicial review of the Ontario College of Psychologists’ decision to require social media training for Jordan Peterson, a challenge to the City of Calgary’s content-based protests ban, and an appeal of the decision that upheld British Columbia’s discriminatory vaccine passport program.