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Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Please do not appeal the Federal Court decision in the legal challenge to your government’s improper use of the Emergencies Act. The invocation was unlawful and unconstitutional. The court got it right.

Please do not waste more taxpayer money dividing Canadians with your appeal.


This week, we witnessed something absolutely extraordinary and unprecedented in Canadian history thanks to our supporters.

A judge of the Federal Court ruled that the Trudeau government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act was illegal, and that the government’s draconian measures like allowing police to disperse peaceful protestors and freeze bank accounts without a warrant violated the Charter.

We also know that, without our efforts, the judge would have been likely to side with the government. (He told us so himself in paragraph 371 of the decision).

But the fight isn’t over.

As you probably know, the politicians involved in invoking the Emergencies Act, like Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, were quick to announce that they “disagreed with the decision” and are planning to appeal it in court.

They aren’t planning on letting this go.

If you support the Federal Court decision that upholds the rule of law and Canadian civil liberties, sign our petition below.

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