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The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) stands as a bulwark against encroachments on our constitutional rights and liberties, ensuring that Canadians can continue to benefit from our cherished traditions of freedom, equality and the rule of law.

But, as you know, these principles require constant vigilance by people like you.

By donating to the CCF, you are defending these values in both the long and short-term, and helping keep Canada prosperous and free.

Your contributions allow the CCF to:

  • take on litigation that sets important precedents for the protection of our constitutional rights;
  • fund educational initiatives for law students to keep essential ideas about freedom and open debate in our law schools so that these ideas remain important to future judges and lawyers; and
  • keep Canadians engaged and informed about how government activity engages and/or violates the constitution, and why caring about the constitution matters in our daily lives.

Here is what some current donors to the CCF have said about our work:

“I try to do my part with the financial means that I have to help restore some kind of logic, justice, and freedom in my country for all. I support CCF because they have leverage to bring back justice to people.” – Rachel, Retired Nurse from Quebec
“Every donation counts. Because of the collective support CCF has from their donors, they have been able advance their efforts through the hiring of another lawyer. I plan to donate annually for as long as I can and offer consistency. CCF is committed to fighting for free speech. They are helping to bring awareness to Canadians and give us all hope to take our country back.”  – Judy, Paralegal from Nova Scotia

Please donate today using the following form. Every dollar counts, and your contribution will be used efficiently and effectively to advance the Canadian project as our constitution’s framers intended: a free and prosperous society ruled by law and not men.

Together, we can protect and strengthen our country and our Constitution and make sure our children and grandchildren can continue to live in a free society.

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