Drop the Sanctions against John Robertson!

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John Robertson is a retiree who volunteered for a position on the municipal council of Murray Harbour, P.E.I. (pop. 282) in 2022 because he wanted to give back to his rural community.

Robertson felt dismayed about what he views as lies perpetuated in the mainstream media related to the discovery of unmarked graves at Indian Residential Schools so he placed a message on his private property that said: “TRUTH: MASS GRAVE HOAX. RECONCILIATION: REDEEM SIR JOHN A’S INTEGRITY.”

For exercising his constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of expression, Robertson is facing a $500 fine, a six-month suspension, and demands for a forced apology from his fellow councillors. Now, the provincial minister in charge of municipalities has launched an inquiry that could see him removed from council.

This policing of protected speech needs to stop.

If you agree, sign our petition to the council and the minister.

Dear Murray Harbour Councillors and Minister Rob Lantz,

John Robertson has a constitutionally-protected right to express his viewpoint on his private property without facing sanctions or removal from his council position.

We, the undersigned, call on you to stop this farce now by rescinding the Code of Conduct sanctions against John Robertson, dropping the inquiry against him, and letting the voters decide whether they want John Robertson to continue as councillor in the next election.


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