Freedom Update: Frozen Accounts and Financial Chill

Freedom Update: Frozen Accounts and Financial Chill

In this episode of the Freedom Update, Christine outlines the financial chill that has been felt by public interest organizations that are fighting government overreach. Since announcing the challenge to the federal government’s illegal invocation of the Emergencies Act, the CCF has been inundated with questions about whether a donation to our legal challenge will result in bank accounts being frozen.

The answer is no – a donation to the CCF, a registered charity that does public interest litigation, would not result in any law enforcement action even on the broadest possible reading of the measures under the Emergencies Act.

But these repeated questions shows the financial chill that the Prime Minister has created for the few organizations that are in a position to fight back against him.

Christine also speaks about the financial measures, the freezing of accounts, and the data hack of people who donated to the “Freedom Convoy”. For greater clarity, the CCF is challenging the constitutionality of the financial measures as a public interest litigant. We are not working with any individuals who may have had their accounts frozen, and we are not working on the data hack. Individuals who have been impacted by this should consult their own lawyer.

Nothing contained in this video is legal advice. If you have your own legal question or problem please consult your own lawyer.