Healthcare Freedom Trial Update

Healthcare Freedom Trial Update

Dear friend and supporter!

After a relatively quiet summer, I wanted to provide you with an update on our Charter challenge on behalf of patients suffering on growing healthcare waiting lists.

The good news is that after the summer recess, the Cambie healthcare case is back and moving forward (hopefully rapidly!) on multiple fronts.

First, an application for an injunction against the government’s new penalties targeting doctors and clinics who serve patients privately will be heard on September 24, 25 and 26. There will also be separate hearings on behalf of private imaging clinics later in October.

On a separate track, the main case will be back in the courtroom, with more witnesses scheduled to be heard this month. Our goal is still to complete our presentation of evidence this fall, despite continued government obstruction. Some highlights to look forward to include the long-awaited testimony of Dr. Brian Day, which is currently scheduled for the week of September 17th (subject to change, as everything is in this case …).

We are looking into getting copies of the transcripts of key testimony to share with you later this month.

In other words, the government keeps throwing up new hurdles and we have to keep clearing them, finding ways around them, or knocking them over!

We remain committed to supporting our lawyers, who have taken on an enormous financial and time burden in the face of unprecedented delays and questionable litigation tactics by the government.

Without their sacrifice, we wouldn’t still be in court fighting for the rights of patents suffering on waiting lists.

And without your support, we wouldn’t be able to support them!

Please consider a further donation to this case and to cause of real patient choice as we enter the home stretch!


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Howard Anglin
Executive Director
Canadian Constitution Foundation