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R. v. Jones, R v. Schmidt (private property)

By | on Jan 01 2015

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From left to right – Montana Jones, Former CCF Litigation Director Karen Selick & Michael Schmidt.

If you think it’s wrong when government bureaucrats bully law-abiding citizens, then there’s a court case going on that you should know about, involving two principled and brave farmers named Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt. In late 2011, Ontario sheep breeder Montana Jones was notified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) that 41 of her Shropshire sheep would be destroyed over health concerns about a transmittable degenerative disease. The disease, known as scrapie is deadly to sheep but is not transmittable to humans.

Live biopsies were performed on Montana’s flock and all of them tested negative for scrapie. But this was not good enough for the CFIA, who still demanded the destruction of the sheep so that their brains could be examined for scrapie. On the day before the CFIA were coming to slaughter the sheep, someone secretly removed them from the farm. The flock was found eight weeks later, on another farm 300 km away. Officials then killed the recovered sheep. All the sheep tested negative for scrapie. Now four people have been charged with criminal offences, including our clients Montana Jones and Michael Schmidt. The CCF is defending Montana and Michael because we believe in justice, property rights and freedom from bureaucratic bullying.

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  • CCF Launch: December 2011
  • Legal Jurisdiction: Ontario
  • Next Key Date: Charges were stayed on November 28, 2016

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