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RCMP search and seizure of firearms in flooded homes in Alberta.

By | on Jun 28 2013

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Legal experts say our Charter rights are often in peril in times of emergency, and that under Alberta’s Emergency Management

“Stopping people from returning to their homes, entering into private homes without warrant, seizing private property, this act provides for all of these things,” said Chris Schafer, head of the Canadian Constitution Foundation and an aggressive guard dog for civil rights.

Schafer urges

people who are shocked by these sweeping powers and the suspension of rights to start paying closer attention to governments when they reach for more power.

“Government passes laws that infringe on our daily lives — small things like mandating helmets, banning smoking — and no one says anything as these laws compound to the point that government is very involved in our daily lives, then it suddenly becomes crystal clear during a state of emergency and people say, ‘Oh my God look at how much power the government has,’ but they have been acquiring this power all the time.”

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