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The CCF is crowd funding for freedom and Gerard Comeau

By | The CCF on Jul 22 2015

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When Gerard Comeau went on a run to pick up a few cases of his favourite brew, he didn’t know that bringing them back from Quebec to his home in New Brunswick was illegal.He does now.Mounties stopped Gerard, confiscated his beer and slapped him with a fine for $292.50. He was fined for breaking an unconstitutional and unjust part of New Brunswick’s Liquor Control Act.
It turns out, in 2015, it is still illegal to bring certain amounts of legally purchased alcohol across the border.

The worst part? The framers of our constitution always intended that goods “be admitted free into each of the other Provinces”. All the way back to 1867. Any Canadian reading that line from our constitution should be able to easily see how unjust this protectionist law is.

It’s time our courts saw this too.

Gerard has decided to not pay this fine. In fact, he is challenging this law. The
Canadian Constitution Foundation is helping him with legal support. And we’re running this campaign to give you an opportunity to help too.

Our constitution is supposed to ensure the free movement of goods between the provinces. And since the prohibition era, provincial governments have been content to violate this principle based on some bad and outdated legal precedent set by the Supreme Court in 1921.

It’s time to FREE BEER and follow the constitution. It’s time to free consumers and small business from government control.

Those who want to fight for Gerard can go online to make a gift via paypal or credit card at theccf.ca/freebeer. By donating to the campaign, supporters can ensure the CCF is fully prepared to fight for the constitutional rights of all Canadians’ — and to make sure that this time, freedom wins.

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