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Update: CCF case against compelled speech for Ontario lawyers

By | on Feb 06 2019

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We have filed our affidavits and expert report in the case against the Law Society of Ontario’s requirement that licensees draft a personal statement demonstrating their personal valuing of inclusivity, diversity, and equality. Now we are waiting for the Law Society to respond with its evidence.

In the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing the strong affidavits from our applicants, Professor Dr. Ryan Alford and lawyer Mr. Murray Klippenstein, and by Chi-Kun-Shi, a Chinese Canadian lawyer, whose opposition to compelled statements of belief draws on her experience living under a repressive political regime and practicing law as a visible minority member of the Ontario bar.

In the meantime, check our Leonid Sirota’s excellent blog post on why he thinks the statement of principles is, in his words, “…wrong in principle, illegal, and unconstitutional.”

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