Vaping and the Law (2017)


Canadians of all ages remain addicted to traditional cigarettes and find it nearly impossible to quit.


For them, e-cigarettes (colloquially known as ‘vapes’) offer a real opportunity to mitigate the serious harms of their smoking habit. Yet, most Canadian governments continue to treat e-cigarettes as either exactly or substantially the same as the much more harmful traditional cigarettes, imposing prohibitionist restrictions on e-cigarette sales and use, and missing the opportunity to encourage smokers to switch to a much less dangerous technology.


This report, published on February 23, 2017, by the Canadian Constitution Foundation, takes a critical look at Canada’s e-cigarette laws at all levels of government. Find out how your province compares to the rest of Canada.

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Cover: Modified “Vaporizer E-Cig” by Lindsay Fox under CC 2.0.