Appeal hearing today! CCF in court for disclosure of what BC has spent fighting against healthcare choice

The Government of British Columbia really doesn’t want you to know how much the government has spent since 2009 fighting against patients suffering on waiting lists who want their Charter right to timely treatment. And lawyers representing the CCF were in the Court of Appeal for British Columbia today for the first hearing at this level of court to try and get a single, combined dollar figure. The CCF began this quest for a spending figure in 2017 by making a freedom of information request with the BC government through the standard administrative process. The government’s lawyers have acknowledged that they know the number, but they have so far refused to provide it.

We believe British Columbians should know how much money their government has spent paying for lawyers to use delay tactic after delay tactic in the hopes of exhausting the patient plaintiffs in the landmark Healthcare Freedom case. And we believe this remains as important as ever as we eagerly await for the decision for this same case —expected to be released this summer.