Lawyer’s Daily featured article: What Snowbirds decision reveals about Canadian healthcare

By Executive Director Joanna Baron and Litigation Director Christine Van Geyn

The CCF’s Joanna Baron and Christine Van Geyn had an article recently published in the Lawyer’s Daily discussing a recent Ontario decision pertaining to healthcare with relevance to our ongoing Healthcare Freedom case (aka the Cambie case).

Read the full article mirrored on our website.

Decisions like Snowbirds — and of course the Supreme Court’s reasons in Chaoulli — illustrate the clear inconsistency of the the recent trial decision in our Healthcare Freedom case with the Charter. In pursuing an appeal for this case, Dr. Brian Day, the patient plaintiffs, the CCF, and all the supporters of greater healthcare choice and freedom, are asking the higher courts to clarify our rights. Canadian governments will be compelled to recognize patients’ right to choose if higher courts overturn the trial court decision and make a ruling consistent with existing section 7 jurisprudence. We look forward to seeking legal clarification of every Canadian’s basic right to seek out healthcare.