Updates on the main case and our freedom of information request

The Canadian Constitution Foundation will be appealing the recent decision by the Supreme Court of BC in our case to find out how much money the Government of BC has spent trying to fight Cambie Surgery Centre and the patient plaintiffs in our Healthcare Freedom case. The CCF will be filing our factum before the end of the year before a hearing date is set to continue with this fight for information the public should have access to.

In a case about healthcare rationing and waiting lists, we believe British Columbians should be able to know how much money their government has spent paying for lawyers to use delay tactic after delay tactic in the hopes of exhausting the plaintiffs.

Healthcare Freedom Case Update

Cambie Surgery Centre and the patient plaintiffs have submitted their final arguments. The oral argument for these submissions begin on November 18 and will go for about three weeks.

You can download and read the plaintiffs’ final argument here.