BC government will not have to disclose how much they’re spending fighting against patient rights

The Supreme Court of BC has sided with the government in our information request case over government costs in the Cambie case for healthcare freedom and choice. In August of 2017, the CCF filed a request under BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), asking the BC government to come clean on just how much taxpayer money it has spent so far fighting to deny patients their right to timely healthcare treatment. This new decision reverses a decision by an adjudication process, where the adjudicator ordered the BC government to make this financial information public.

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Another expert witness flops for the BC Gov in the Healthcare Freedom Trial

Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull, another expert witness put forward by the Government of BC, has failed to make a convincing argument as to why patients should be denied the right to seek care outside the public healthcare system when that system fails them. His objectivity was also questioned as it was discovered that his expert report was prepared with the assistance of Dr. Irfan Dhalla, a founding member and director of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. This organization is an intervenor in this case and is advocating for the government’s position. Expert witnesses are required to not advocate for any party.

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Also, don’t forget to read Ian Mulgrew’s latest on the end of the witness phase of the trial. Final arguments are scheduled to be heard this fall.