Injunction application filed in Healthcare Freedom case

The fight for healthcare freedom and choice continues. Last Monday, an injunction was filed asking the B.C. Court of Appeal to prevent the province from closing down vital surgical and diagnostic clinics that have been helping BC patients for years. You can read more about this first step in launching the appeal process in the Vancouver Sun. The court documents associated with this legal action can also be found here.

This application follows the trial court decision in this case from September. The judge found that there was a violation of security of the person for individuals who are suffering from degenerative or deteriorating conditions and waiting for surgery in the government system beyond the medically acceptable wait times. However, the judge also found that the patients had not demonstrated that their suffering was not in accordance with the “principles of fundamental justice”. We obviously disagree, and we’re eager to see the Supreme Court of Canada clarify our section 7 rights, and the right of all Canadians to seek out healthcare.