No Domestic Vaccine Passports

Tell the government that domestic vaccine passports are unjustified infringements on your rights within Canada.

Canada is finally turning an important corner on the COVID pandemic with high vaccination rates across the country. But despite this success, some governments in Canada seem keen to introduce new arbitrary regulations infringing on our rights and freedoms.

Manitoba, British Columbia and Quebec are all implementing domestic vaccine passports that restrict access to public spaces. Ontario is now discussing bringing in a similar policy. These policies do not include any exemptions for medical reasons or reasons of sincere religious belief.

Medical interventions, including vaccination, must be made on the basis of meaningful consent. For many people, especially medically complex people, the choice to get vaccinated involves making deeply personal trade offs about their own health. As access to public spaces is limited, this creates a coercive effect on the decision making for these people and is an attempt by the government to tilt the scales of personal and individual medical choice in their preferred direction.

We have written to the governments in Manitoba and British Columbia to ask them to end these discriminatory policies.

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Attention: All Premiers of Canadian Provinces,

I urge you to not bring in vaccine passport polices that tread on civil liberties, invade our privacy rights, and will provide little to no benefits for the residents of my province.

Tell us how these policies affect you.

We are seeking potential applicants to challenge these unjust regulations.

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