CCF disappointed that BC government will continue to hide the taxpayer costs of fighting against patient rights

In June 2020, the CCF was in the Court of Appeal for British Columbia making oral arguments in favour of disclosing the government’s costs in our Healthcare Freedom case. We believe British Columbians should know how much money their government has spent paying for lawyers to use delay tactic after delay tactic in the hopes of exhausting the patient plaintiffs.

On August 21, 2020, the court ruled that the single global number of this expense is subject to solicitor-client privilege. While we were disappointed by this result and the precedent it sets for government accountability, we look forward to the decision in our main case for healthcare choice expected before the end of 2020.

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Five myths about Canada’s healthcare

We need to put patient rights at the centre of any discussion about healthcare. Our Healthcare Freedom case is about getting Canadian governments, first and foremost, to merely recognize that Canadians have a right to seek healthcare outside the public system when that system leaves them waiting and suffering.

Being put on a waiting list is not healthcare, and we need to have a serious conversation about alternative ways of delivering and paying for healthcare in Canada. But any time a conversation about alternatives to government hospitals is started, critics chime in with familiar myths about Canada’s healthcare system. The CCF’s Christine Van Geyn is featured in a new video addressing the five most common myths about about Canada’s government healthcare, and what an independent healthcare system could really mean for patients.

Also, don’t forget to to read Christine’s recent opinion piece: