Donation FAQ

Will I receive a tax receipt for my physical donation?

Your tax receipt will typically be mailed out within two weeks of receipt of your donation.

When will I receive my e-tax receipt for my online donation?

An electronic tax receipt will be emailed to you immediately after you make your donation online. If you have trouble locating it, please check your email SPAM folder. Please feel free to contact us at 1-888-695-9105 to request a duplicate if you cannot locate your receipt.

When will I receive my tax receipt for my monthly gifts?

Monthly donors receive compiled annual donation tax receipt in February for the previous year’s donations.

How can I request a duplicate tax receipt if I have misplaced the copy you sent?

Please call us at 1-888-695-9105 and we will be happy to mail or email you a duplicate tax receipt.

What payment methods do you accept for donations?

1. Online via Credit Card – One time or Monthly Gifts:

By becoming a monthly donor, you are making a thoughtful and lasting investment in The Canadian Constitution Foundation. This program allows you to donate monthly and shows your continuous dedication to preserving and defending the rule of law and constitutional freedoms in Canada. Your loyalty and generosity ensure that the CCF can continue to grow and meet the increasing needs of Canadians and respond quickly to constitutional overreaches at every level of government. To make a monthly credit card donation, click here.

2. Cheque sent by mail to:

Canadian Constitution Foundation
6025 – 12 St SE, Suite 215
Calgary, AB T2H 2K1

3. Stocks or Securities:

For more information regarding how to donate stocks or securities click here.

4. Bequest in your will

If you are considering leaving a bequest in your will for the Canadian Constitution Foundation – thank you. Leaving a gift in your will is a powerful way to affirm your values and leave a legacy. A bequest can give you the comfort of knowing your assets are available today, while enabling you to leave a larger donation after your death. Leaving a bequest is also an efficient way to give and can reduce (in some cases) the tax burden on your estate. For more information about making a legacy or planned gift please click here.

6. Electronic Funds Transfers

Please call us at 1-888-695-9105 and we can provide you the relevant banking information for an electronic funds transfer.

Is my donation online secure?

Our online donation platform operates on a PCI Level 1 compliant, independently tested, bank grade payment infrastructure that has state of the art cryptographic algorithms for data transmission. Our server is monitored 24/7, contains dedicated network encryption and a dedicated firewall.

Can you assure me that all my personal data will remain confidential and private?

Your personal information is entered into a security-protected donor management system that only authorized users may access. The Canadian Constitution Foundation will never exchange or sell your personal information. See below for our Donor Bill of Rights.

Who should I contact if I need to either cancel or modify my monthly donation or submit a change of address?

Please call us at 1-888-695-9105.

When we look back at the journey of our lives, we look for lasting meaning. Legacy giving is a meaningful way to acknowledge a charitable cause that is important to your life’s journey and can leave a lasting impact on future generations. A gift in your will to the Canadian Constitution Foundation continues your commitment to Canadian civil liberties for future generations. Making a bequest to the Canadian Constitution Foundation is an effective way to protect Constitutional freedoms in Canada and to make a significant impact into the future.

More information can be found here.

What is your legal charity name?

Canadian Constitution Foundation

What is your registered charity number with Canada Revenue Agency?

Our CRA number is: 86617 6654 RR0001

Where is your head office located?

We have one office:

Canadian Constitution Foundation
6025 – 12 St SE, Suite 215
Calgary, AB T2H 2K1
Phone : 1-888-695-9105

What does my donation support?

The CCF is deeply committed to defending and preserving constitutional freedoms in Canada. If you made a designated gift to a specific program, we endeavour to use your donation as requested. However, your gift will be applied to our general fund if that project no longer requires additional funding.

If you donate to our general fund, we will use your contribution for our most urgent needs while achieving our mission to defend and protect the constitutional rights of Canadians.

How do I obtain a copy of your Annual Report and audited financial statements?

You can find both sets of documents for download at this link:

Donor Bill of Rights

Philanthropy is any voluntary action for the benefit of humankind. A tradition of giving and sharing is a principal part of philanthropy and a hallmark of a good and just society. The Canadian Constitution Foundation strives to play an integral role in the philanthropic process. To ensure that our donors have complete confidence in our organization, we declare that all Canadian Constitution Foundation donors have the following rights:

  1. To access information about the organization’s leadership, mission, charitable activities, and financial health.
  2. To be assured that leadership will, to the best of their ability, treat donors’ gifts prudently and respect their wishes whenever possible.
  3. To, whenever possible, be treated with dignity and respect in all dealings with the organization.
  4. To be assured that their personal and private information is handled with respect and confidentiality to the extent permitted by law.