Why give?

People donate to the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) to support an organization to defend constitutional rights and liberties on their behalf. It’s through organizations like the CCF that members of a robust civil society can organize and push back against government overreach that crosses lines that should be out-of-bounds for politicians and bureaucrats.

The Constitution—including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms—exists as the supreme law of the land that delineates how our government functions and enumerates our most important rights as Canadians. The better we adhere to this constitutional order the more we can say we live in a free society under the rule of law. That is why the CCF and its supporters place such an emphasis on the Constitution.

As a non-profit and charity, the CCF is dependent on our donors, who we consider part of “Freedom’s Defence Team”, to fund our work in the courtrooms litigating important constitutional cases; building a culture of liberty through our education initiatives; and raising awareness of important constitutional issues.

See below for some recent testimony from our supporters:

Randy Savoie

“It is difficult to pick a single constitutional issue all of the legal cases the CCF address are important for different reasons.  The two areas that are most important in my mind are property rights and freedom of speech which are critical to the quality of life that we have in so many ways and must not be allowed to degrade.

I support the CCF because you take action on issues greatly concerning to me. As an individual citizen, I do not have the opportunities or abilities to directly take on the court cases that the CCF has been tackling for years.  The one way I can help maintain our Charter rights and prevent legislative overreach, such as the recent case involving the Emergencies Act, is to support the CCF in its work.”

Judy Lewis

“It was 2021-22 when I came across the Canadian Constitution Foundation through Christine’s YOUTUBE videos and was immediately drawn to this channel…I felt this to be a worthy organization for me to donate to especially now! Every donation counts. Because of the collective support CCF has from their donors, they have been able advance their efforts through the hiring of another lawyer. I plan to donate annually for as long as I can and offer consistency. CCF is committed to fighting for free speech. They are helping to bring awareness to Canadians and give us all hope to take our country back… These cases are so important because if we lose free speech then we lose.”


My Mom Vivian and I want to thank all of you for the hard work and perseverance in standing up for our rights and freedoms. I would personally like to thank all of you for keeping my 87 year-old Mom’s spirit up,  as she is a very proud member of the ‘fringe minority’. Keep up the good work. We are both very proud to be part of the CCF family.

Marilyn Gladu

“I donated to the Canadian Constitution Foundation because I believe this is one of the most effective organizations in the country litigating the government when they infringe people’s Charter rights and freedoms….”

A video clip of Marilyn with more of her testimony is also available here.

Rachel A.

“I try to do my part with the financial means that I have, to help restore some kind of logic, justice, and freedom in my country for all. I support CCF because they have leverage to bring back justice to people. I wish my donations could be more substantial to have a bigger impact and to reward those using their talents and knowledge to our freedom cause. I am thinking that even small amounts from lot of people can make a difference and encourage those freedom fighters to pursue the liberation of Canadians. It is not that I am passionate about the law in general, I just feel responsible to educate and promote the golden rule: Do unto others what you would want for yourself.”

Rita Smith

“I believe that the Canadian Constitution Foundation, of the many groups in Canada that are working hard to protect us… I don’t think anyone is doing anything more important or more timely than the Canadian Constitution Foundation…. They’re doing a fantastic job in court. They’re doing a fantastic job explaining to Canadians why all this matters.”

A video clip of Rita with more of her testimony is also available here.