Canadian Constitution Foundation launches search for plaintiff to challenge lockdown measures

Canadian Constitution Foundation launches search for plaintiff to challenge lockdown measures

TORONTO: The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) is launching a search for plaintiffs interested in challenging lockdown measures in provinces across Canada, in a new campaign called “No Arbitrary Lockdowns”.

The website,, was launched today. It includes a petition to the Premiers of all Canadian Provinces asking for a repeal of arbitrary lockdown orders that tread on civil liberties and destroy small businesses, and asks the Premiers to present detailed information about virus spread in order to justify lockdown orders.

The website also asks for potential plaintiffs to identify themselves and tell their stories about how lockdowns have hurt them.

“We are experiencing one of the greatest infringement of civil liberties in a generation, and many measures taken by government are unjustified restrictions on our most fundamental rights,” said CCF Litigation Director, Christine Van Geyn.

“We believe some government action is justified and necessary, but that public health rules need to make sense. Many lockdowns have elements of arbitrariness. For example, in Ontario why does a small bookstore need to be shuttered but large stores like Costco remain open? In Manitoba, why are churches barred from even offering drive-in services? These lockdown measures are serious violations of our rights, and do not protect anyone from COVID.”

Anyone interested in working with the CCF on a legal challenge is invited to visit the website to submit their story. The CCF will then follow up with those individuals to either publish their story or ask them to participate in a legal challenge.

“We want to find the right individuals to work on challenges to various lockdown orders. We are looking for individuals who are health and safety conscious, but despite their best efforts have been hurt by these arbitrary government orders and their most fundamental rights infringed. If you think this sounds like you, please visit and tell us your story,” concluded Van Geyn.