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In January 2022, a small group of Canadian truckers fed up with nearly two years of Covid restrictions and a new vaccine mandate for cross-border essential workers decided to take their frustrations directly to the nation’s capital. The Freedom Convoy quickly took on a life of its own as hundreds of trucks and thousands of protesters made the journey to Parliament Hill. For the next three weeks, the trucker convoy led a protest unlike any other, complete with bouncy castles, pig roasts, and late-night dance parties. But to the media and government, it was a hate-filled insurrection requiring the unprecedented invocation of the federal Emergencies Act. In this timely and provocative book, author Andrew Lawton combines his own on-the-ground reporting and countless hours of interviews with the Freedom Convoy’s organizers and volunteers to tell, for the first time, the whole story of the convoy.

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Watch the CCF’s Christine Van Geyn interview Andrew about this new book on Canadian Justice here

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