Bruce MacDonald’s experience with BC’s healthcare system

Bruce MacDonald’s experience with BC’s healthcare system


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Bruce MacDonald was told it would be a two- to three-year wait for a surgery he needed to alleviate sinus pain he described as ‘torture’. Instead of waiting, Bruce went to a private clinic to give him his quality of life back.

Stories like these are precisely why the CCF is supporting the Cambie Surgery Centre and the patient plaintiffs in our healthcare freedom case. The BC government wants to effectively shut down clinics like the one that helped Bruce return to a normal life. Canadians have a right to seek out care when the public system fails them and leaves them waiting without timely care.

CCF Staff Lawyer Derek From says in the above video:

“If we can get a constitutional decision that recognizes that patients have a right to solve their own health problems in a timely fashion, with their own resources, it will completely revolutionize the way that healthcare is delivered in Canada. No longer will provinces be able to say that they’re going to give you a medical service when really they keep you on a wait list…”