Life After COVID: FREE eBook examines government policy after COVID

Life After COVID: FREE eBook examines government policy after COVID

Five organizations involved in public policy in Canada released today a free eBook for the public to download – Life After COVID: What’s next for Canada? The eBook examines several issues facing Canada as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, and reviews how governments handled select aspects of the pandemic.

Topics in the eBook include:

  • Ballooning government debt The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) examines how governments can get spending under control.
  • Health reform – The Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) discusses several options for health reform, including ideas that can help address Canada’s growing surgical backlog and reduce patient suffering.
  • Economic growth without subsidiesorg highlights several ways governments can spur significant economic growth by simply getting out of the way.
  • What about the original emergency plans?Guest author Anthony Furey reviews government lockdown decisions during the pandemic and compares them with the government’s original emergency plans.
  • Were infringements on our rights reasonable? – The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) examines several examples from across Canada whereby citizens’ charter rights were violated.
  • Sidestepping our democracyThe Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) reviews several actions taken by governments during the pandemic which circumvent proper democratic channels.

“Once the pandemic is under control, Canada will face many significant issues that will affect people from coast-to-coast,” said President Colin Craig. “We came together to write this free eBook so that Canadians can read about the challenges ahead, potential solutions and the need to learn from pandemic mistakes.”

Canadians can download the eBook for FREE through these organizations’ websites. It is available at the CCF’s website here.