Freedom Defender of the Week: Rupa Subramanya

Freedom Defender of the Week: Rupa Subramanya

This week’s Freedom Defender was picked by CCF Counsel Josh Dehaas and our Executive Director Joanna Baron.

They picked journalist Rupa Subramanya (Image from X)

Here is Josh’s summary:

Joanna and I picked The Free Press journalist Rupa Subramanya, who testified this week at the U.S. Congress, urging lawmakers not to adopt Canada’s rights-infringing policies.

“I live in a time in which, in the name of fairness, you can’t share the stories you write for a news publication on social media,” Supramanya said, referring to Bill C-18, which has forced news off Facebook.

“I live in a time when, in the name of the common good, you can be kicked out of your bank and online payments system simply for expressing the wrong political view,” she continued, referring to Parliament’s unlawful invocation of the Emergencies Act to override the Charter right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

“I live in a time in which in the name of social justice you can commit a crime but get a more lenient sentence if you happen to be the right skin colour,” Supramanya went on, referring to the increasing use of systemic racism claims to help criminals avoid prison.

“I’m not a real time traveller,” she added. “I just live in Canada.” 

You’ll want to watch the whole thing.