Episode 4: Is it time to start forcing criminals into treatment?

On Episode 4 of Not Reserving Judgment, we discuss the legality of forcing repeat violent offenders into treatment, explain why a proposal to criminalize residential school “denialism” is a grave threat to free expression, and talk about whether it’s OK for wannabe judges to attend partisan fundraisers.

Stories discussed in this week’s episode:

  • Man guilty of TTC assaults a ‘danger to the public’ without antipsychotic treatment, judge finds (Toronto Star)
  • High-level judges may have paid to meet Trudeau before their appointments (National Post)
  • Special interlocutor hopeful new Justice Minister will act to address residential school denialism (Globe and Mail)
  • Howard Anglin: A return to order: Canada is crumbling—And our leaders’ solutions are delusionally wrong (The Hub)
  • 12-Year-Old Boy Removed From School Over ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Patch (Reason)

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