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Protecting liberty during crises

By | on Mar 20 2020

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Dear friends and supporters of the CCF,

I am reaching out with a personal note as our nation and world enters an unprecedented time in which we will face extraordinary challenges. As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, we will turn to front line workers, government leaders, legislators, and scientists to shepherd us. And we will need to come together as a community in new and untested ways.

Government accountability and preservation of the rule of law will be tested during this period. Individual rights may be curtailed, and in at least some instances these curtailments will be reasonable, proportionate, and justified. We believe that governments at all levels and of all stripes are sincere in implementing measures that are genuinely in the public interest. However, we must be vigilant that there are no unintended consequences or inappropriate measures taken. We intend to monitor legislative responses to this crisis and their basis in reason and evidence. In particular we will be monitoring to ensure that these measures do not translate to permanent expansion of government authority.

Liberty must not become a casualty of this global pandemic.

The CCF is committed to walking through this crisis with you and keeping you abreast of legislative responses to COVID-19 and their potential constitutional impact. Look for a special blog section on our website dedicated to regular COVID-19 updates and analysis coming this week.

Thank you for your continued support of the Canadian Constitution Foundation at this difficult time.

Stay safe and healthy,


Joanna Baron
Executive Director

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