Tell us what you want us to work on in 2023

Tell us what you want us to work on in 2023

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This is your chance to tell us how you want us to fight for to make Canada a freer country.

You can start the 2023 Annual Survey by clicking your answer to the first question: 

1. Is Canada more free or less free since 2019?

The CCF’s 2023 Annual Survey will only take you about 15 minutes, but we’ll spend hours poring over the results.

This survey is the very best way for you to tell us what’s most important to you.

When you and thousands of other freedom loving Canadians tell us your priorities, we fire up campaigns, reach out to our exceptional lawyers, and bring new and crucial cases to protect your fundamental freedoms.

Let’s get started on fighting for freedom in Canada in 2023! Here’s the 2023 Annual Survey:

This is how you can make sure we pick the right priorities and court cases. Politicians and bureaucrats are always thinking up ways to limit and curtail your constitutionally protected liberties. The 2023 Annual Survey lets us know which legal fights you want us to focus on.

Thank you so much in advance – we’re excited to see what you have to tell us on the 2023 Annual Survey.