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New Globe and Mail special covers our Healthcare Freedom Case

By | on Nov 13 2019

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Walid Khalfallah is one of the patient plaintiffs discussed in this new article.

The Globe and Mail published a new article featuring the CCF’s challenge for healthcare freedom and patient rights. The piece provides a helpful overview of Dr. Brian Day’s fight with the government of BC over his clinic. It also details the irreversible harm that came to patient plaintiff Walid Khalfallah while he was left stuck on a government waiting list for medical care.

Thank you again to those who have supported this case. The final verbal arguments in BC are just wrapping up and we expect the judge to begin deliberating in December. While this provincial trial is finally coming to an end, we expect this case to continue all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. If you are able, please consider donating generously to this cause to support the Charter right of all Canadians to seek access to healthcare. We will need your support to see this case through so that future Canadians are not left powerless and suffering on waiting lists for government-rationed care.

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